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Astrid Lindgren Primary School in Zastruże/ Szkoła Podstawowa im. Astrid Lindgren w Zastrużu

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School head: 
Krystyna Wardach
Community School Coordinator: 
Małgorzata Kluska
58-130 Żarów, Zastruże 19A, Poland
The school in Zastruze is conducted by association "Our children - common school". It currently consists of 40 members and their main activities is management of primary school and nursery school . The members of the association are school workers, parents of students and local residents. The school is open for changes and innovative methods of teaching. Our target is focus on active education. Teaching based on the student education project. Teachers, school workers, parents and members of the association are commited to create a new model of the school – friendly and save, the school where children have the right to be curious, to ask qestions and receive answers. Our schools is the heart of the village and is open to everyone.
Community type: 
local residents, artists and cultural institutions
In 2010 the Developmental Strategy of Association was developed. The aim of this program is to improve the local community through its activating. The purpose of this project is to develop conditions for creative initiatives in the local community. One of the most important tasks was to help citizenship by promoting pro-social activities, easier access to information, culture and knowledge. To support these activities Local Education Center was funded, which is a center of consulting and support.

The school is seeking to obtain a school certificate of science promotion movement.
One of the tasks  is to derive from the resources of the local community.

We are inviting local artists, scientists, representatives of vanishing professions (miner, seamstress, blacksmith), who conduct activities with children.Several meetings have been made with the village headmen, where current local actions have been planned (picnics, competitions).


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